Monday, July 30, 2007

The Poisonwood Bible

Today I finished reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It is the first Kingsolver book I read and I was intrigued by it. It would be a good book for a book club because there would be plenty to discuss regarding Christianity, missionaries, and US involvement in foriegn countries. The book is not a short one, though, with over 500 pages, so it would take some time to read. It took a bit to get into the book, partly because each chapter is from a different person's point of view, but it does flow fairly well despite that. The family (parents and four daughters) move from Georgia to the Congo in Africa in the 1950's and have some serious cultural adjustments to say the least.


amandajean said...

how is your book club doing? are you meeting throughout the summer?

amd said...

I thought you would like it. A book with substance, skillfully written.

What's next on your reading list?

Melissa said...

Barbara is one of my favorite authors. I can read her books over and over. I had the chance to meet her during one of my summer programs at the U of A, she even signed our books... Animal Dreams