Tuesday, August 30, 2016

disappearing four patch quilt

My first completed quilt of the year.  Finishing the quilt was one of my summer goals, so I pulled it out last week and got the binding done on Sunday.    The warm colors contrasted with white ended up to be a winning combination.  I haven't been quilting much in the last couple of years, so this one is a keeper to add to my personal collection.  It should get some use this fall and winter.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

School's First Day of School

School's First Day of School written by Adam Rex and illustrated by Christian Robinson is a book just in time for the start of school.  This book tells about the first day of school from a school's perspective.  School has never had students in him before, so when the students arrive, he experiences all sorts of new things including shy students, lunch, and a fire drill.  This is a good story to share with all ages of children who are going back to school, although it does not replace my favorite book for this season, First Day Jitters

Friday, August 12, 2016

Sophie's Squash Go to School

Sophie's Squash Go to School by Pat Zietlow Miller is a book many children would enjoy.  Sophie has two friends, Bonnie and Baxter, who are squash.  She loves taking them everywhere, including to her first day of school.  Since she already has two friends, she is not sure she needs to make any friends with her new classmates.  By the end of the story, Sophie finds that other children can make good friends, too.  This book can be read without reading the first one, Sophie's Squash, but if you can find both at your library, I would check them out together.