Friday, March 8, 2013

new things

Three new things to blog about...
Number one is the quilt top I finished this week.  I won ten single yard cuts of solid fabric last year when I was in Kansas City with my sewing sister for the International Quilt Market.  I think I have enough fabric from the bundle to piece it together for the back.
The second new thing is the book Nora's Chicks written by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Kathryn Brown.  Nora moves with her father, mother, and baby brother from Russia to the prairie of the United States.  She misses her old home and wants a friend in the new place she is living.  When her father brings home some chicks, she has new friends, but having new chicks eventually helps her become friends with a girl her age.  It was a well written book that I plan on sharing with my students, nieces, and nephews.

The third new thing is my writing sister's new website.  It can be found at  I really like the image she chose for her home page.

Have you made anything new or found anything new lately?


Anonymous said...

I like your quilt top. Perhaps you're getting used to brights now?

We'll be looking for the book by Patricia MacLachlan. I like her work.

And thanks for mentioning my site.

Denise said...

Your quilt is beautiful Clair.

a maidenhair fern said...

what a fun quilt top! Love all the colors.

cydney said...

Interesting new things you've posted,Clair. I went to a new traveling Amish quilt show today called, "Plain Geometry". It was amazing. I am somewhat of a new member of The Santa Fe Scrabble Club.I have been watching lots of documentaries, new for me. Those are my three new things.

Di~ said...

YOUR sewing sister is one of my most favorite people, and I haven't even met her! :) seriously, I adore her.