Friday, March 22, 2013

a simple bag

On Monday, I made this reversible bag.  Finished I think it measured about nine inches by twelve inches.  The handles are around eighteen inches long.  The inside is pink fabric with white polka dots.  It is a custom made bag-a friend of mine doesn't sew and asked me if I could make bags for her to give as gifts to both her niece and nephew.  The bag for her nephew is made from baseball print fabric and a similar one can be seen here.  The thing I like about making these simple bags is I can complete one in less than an hour.  What is one of your favorite craft projects? 


Nicole said...

Cute bags! There's nothing like a quick finish for instant gratification!

1stteacher said...

such pretty fabric

favorite craft project? a crocheted hat or scarf. they're quick, easy and keep one warm!

cydney said...

So cute, Clair! I will try one. All week I have been making cone shaped Easter Baskets. I make them with nice paper, roll like a cone, hot glue gun shut (start at the bottom),scallop the edges, fill w/ Easter grass and treats,a ribbon for a handle...very quick & easy. I will give them to friends, hard workers at church and ladies at the rest home. I will try to send a picture soon.