Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Christmas Bus

The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson is the latest book that I read. It takes place in a small town where Edith and her husband live. One year her children decide that they cannot come home for Christmas, and the story tells how she and her husband make the best of that situation and reach out to others at the same time. It is a quick read (less than 200 pages) which is probably why the characters didn't seem well developed. If you looking for a story about Christmas, you might like this book. It was not the best book by Carlson that I have read, but I did finish it because I was interested in what happened at the end.

Giveaway winners are Robin and Andrea. Each will get 4 handmade cards in the mail. Thanks to all who entered.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I finished reading Maggie by Charles Martin this past week. It is the sequel to The Dead Don't Dance. It was another good book but I did not enjoy it as much as the other two that I have read by this same author. Maybe it is because I stumbled across a review by someone on the web and they gave out too much information about the story. Knowing too much ahead of time spoils the book for me. Of the three books by Martin that I have read, I would recommend Chasing Fireflies.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Dead Don't Dance

The Dead Don't Dance is the second book by Charles Martin I have read. It is another novel by Martin where he does a good job of developing the characters. Dylan Styles is real and likable. When things started going wrong in his life, I wondered where it would take him. It was not a funny book by any means, but it does take a look at one way people can choose to deal with the heartaches they encounter in this messed up world. In some ways it is a love story, but it is much more than that. When I was looking for another book by Martin to read I discovered that he has a sequel to this book called Maggie. That is now on my list of books to get from the library.

I am enjoying the books by Charles Martin. He may soon be added to my list of favorite authors.