Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Christmas Bus

The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson is the latest book that I read. It takes place in a small town where Edith and her husband live. One year her children decide that they cannot come home for Christmas, and the story tells how she and her husband make the best of that situation and reach out to others at the same time. It is a quick read (less than 200 pages) which is probably why the characters didn't seem well developed. If you looking for a story about Christmas, you might like this book. It was not the best book by Carlson that I have read, but I did finish it because I was interested in what happened at the end.

Giveaway winners are Robin and Andrea. Each will get 4 handmade cards in the mail. Thanks to all who entered.


Kevin said...

If unsure whether or not you're going to like a book, it's nice when they are less than 200 pages. I don't think I've read a book under 300 this year yet, of course I only have 8 opposed to your 70.

amandajean said...

kevin is bummed that he didn't win the cards.

but he is proud of the fact that he is your first commenter on this post.

Robin said...

Hi Clair,

Thank you so much for the beautiful cards you sent! I was going to try to pick a favorite, but I can't - they are all lovely!