Saturday, December 1, 2007

handmade gifts

Some years for Christmas (and other occasions) I have made handmade gifts for people instead of buying them. While I couldn't sleep last night, I wrote down all the handmade things that I could think of that I have either given or gotten as a gift. They include...
  • address labels
  • apron
  • baby blanket
  • bath mat
  • bath salts
  • bed skirt
  • canned salsa
  • cards
  • Christmas cookies
  • cinnamon rolls
  • cookie mix
  • dill pickles
  • dress for a little girl
  • fleece hats
  • hot cocoa mix
  • ornaments
  • pen/pencil holder
  • pillowcases
  • pot holders
  • purse
  • quilt
  • rag rug
  • tote bag
  • t-shirt decorated with pictures
I love getting handmade things. A few of the best ones have come from my sisters. One year Amanda made me over 100 handmade cards, and Kevin made address labels on the computer to go with them. Anita has made me a rag rug (one of the first ones she ever made) and a crocheted bath mat that matches my shower curtain.
Gifts that I have liked giving (though not always making) are pillowcases, little dresses, quilts, and cards.
What are some neat handmade gifts that you have gotten from others or that you have made to give away?


amandajean said...

I got a lovely pink quilt for my
30th birthday that I love. and I enjoy giving away quilts. and purses. (although I am not particularly fond of sewing purses.)

Kevin said...

I'm a guy, so making gifts is really not the thing for me, however I have been known to make some. It seems, actually that you have gotten most of mine Clair, except for the ones I made for my mom in elementary school. Though I don't do a great job, it is kind of fun to make gifts for others (like the #1 Teacher plaque).

G'G'ma said...

I've given granddaughters night gowns and robes. Family and friends have received hand quilted wall hangings, knit scarves, pot holders, cookies and tea rings.
Better get back to work!!

Linda said...

I remember getting some handmade cards from Amanda, and some soaps that Kevin made.
I love to make and give kids gifts. I have made lots of little dresses.(they're my favert) Lately I have been enjoying making quilts for people. I have decided that everyone in my family needs a handmade quilt and I have started checking people off my list. I have made 4 so far and I have about 7 or 8 to go. I have a big family. The next one I have planned is a "Turning
Twenty" for my niece, Kayla, who will be turning twenty next July. Yikes! I feel old now....

amandajean said...

just to add, it hasn't gone unoticed that your list was alphabetized. :)

Melissa said...

Most of the people I give gifts to don't seem to appreciate (handmade items) as much as I think they should, so I tend to shy away from handmade stuff. However, a couple years ago I was into sewing (kinda) so I made handtowels to represent each month for Richie's parents, my mom and us. I sewed fabric around the bottoms and crocheted the tops. It was a lot of work -- but it feels to good to see them in use. I've also given baked goods and embroidered things. Tyler and I have been into going to a ceramic cafe and we paint items like cups, plates, plaques etc -- so that is another item we have given out.