Thursday, September 20, 2007

Old Testament

I finished reading the Old Testament this week. Don't think I have read it straight though for a long time. Anyway it does give you a different perspective than just reading bits and pieces. I noticed several things...
  • Zechariah is longer than Daniel but I rarely hear sermons or mention of it.
  • There is a lot of geneology and some is repeated. It must be important but sometimes it seems lengthy.
  • The people were slow learners. So am I.
  • Lots of worship songs are taken from scripture. Probably more than I realize.
Anyway, now I am on to the New Testament. I think that my goal of reading through the Bible this year will happen.

1 comment:

amd said...

Keep going, Clair. You should be able to make it through the New Testament by the end of the year. Some of it will seem like a breeze after what you've already made it through.

I agree with the slow learners bit. I was thinking the same thing as I recently reread the recounting of the forty-year journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. It's always easier to see these flaws in someone else, I find. Yet, how similarly lacking my faith can be...