Saturday, December 19, 2009

more Christmas books

Here are three books that you might enjoy reading with or to children this Christmas season.The first is The Twelve Days of Christmas in Minnesota by Constance Van Hoven. It talks about lots of things that are important to Minnesotans-hotdish, Holsteins, and loons. There are actually two stories in one, one the twelve days of Christmas, the other a series of letters written by a girl to her parents that explains a lot about things and places in Minnesota. It would make a great gift for any family that lives or has lived in Minnesota

Fancy Nancy Splendiforous Christmas by Jane O'Connor is a book any Fancy Nancy fan would enjoy. Nancy loves Christmas, and loves everything that goes with it. I read this to my some of my second and third grade students and they enjoyed it.
Stable in Bethlehem, A Christmas Counting Book by Joy N. Hulme is another great book I came across this year. It is short and counts backwards from 12 to 1, including all the important things about Christmas, like the shepherds, the three kings, and of course, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The illustrations are very well done, too. If you are a stickler for accuracy like my dad, you might not like it, though. It mentions dogs (we don't know if they were part of the Christmas story) and gives a number to both shepherds and kings, which we also don't know. It is great for younger children because it is a short story.

A few more books if your children are fans of certain characters:

Merry Christmas, Ollie by Olivier Dunrea

Mrs. Wishy Washy's Christmas by Joy Cowley

Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve by Janet Morgan Stoeke

If that isn't enough ideas for Christmas books, you can click here or here to see past year's book recommendations. Happy Christmas reading!


Anonymous said...

The MN book looks like fun to read --- I'll have to see if I can request it from my library.

Thanks for the book list --- we'll put that to good use.

Clair said...

Who is anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Hey Clair - I had your Christmas card returned to me today. I guess you've moved =)... it'll be late.
Linda P