Saturday, June 19, 2010

baby bibs

I am on summer vacation, but I seem to have plenty to do. Part of it is self-inflicted because I want to feel like I am doing something with all my time. And really, when I am not working it is a good chance to get some projects done. So one of my goals is to complete 10 baby bibs. Then when I need a baby gift I have something to pull out of my box to add to a children's book or two. These are two baby bibs I made this when I get done with my ten (I have five finished already) I will have a dozen. The bibs aren't hard to make if you have sewing experience. The thing that takes the longest is the binding. If you like to sew you can look at this link on my sister's blog and get the directions to make them yourself.

Do you have any summer projects?


AMD said...

Cute bibs.

I'm almost done with a new kitchen rug. Now that it's almost a year since we have moved in, it's about time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Clair, I got your message--I'll be prepared! I didn't want to call you back since it was late when I got your message. We lost all our e-mail addresses when we had some computer issues, so e-mail me again so I have your address. I'd definitely like to come visit your place soon. Let's set up a time. Monte and Madeline leave for AZ July 5-15, so before then would be best for me. Jenny

cydney said...

These are just so cute! I think people so appreciate hand made gifts. I know I have loved the things you have made for me and my family.
Projects? The BIG MOVE is foremost in my mind and on my to do list.

amandajean said...

they are cute! i love your idea of having them made ahead of time so you are ready for a last minute gift. i wish i could be so prepared.