Thursday, October 7, 2010

Simply Sara

Simply Sara by Hillary Manton Lodge is the novel I read most recently. It is the story of Sara, who decided to leave her Amish family to do something in the fashion world, which she could not do if she stayed Amish. It made me wonder why the Amish people are so hardline about keeping their people Amish and generally will not associate with the people who have chosen to leave. Losing a family member because they will not adhere to a group's standards seems harsh. I enjoyed the book, but liked her first novel Plain Jayne better.

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cydney said...

Having thought about your questions myself for a long time and read lots of books about the Amish, I want to talk about this of my favorites as you know...maybe I will put it in a letter.I just read Amish Grace: How forgiveness transcended tragedy---about the school shootings. Though difficult in parts, of course, it was very inspiring!