Monday, February 7, 2011


Here are two bags that I made following a pattern I found at I adjusted the pattern a bit so I only need a half a yard of fabric. If you are an experienced seamstress, you could probably get one of these bags done in less than an hour. There are some French seams so there are no raw edges exposed when it is complete. This bag is a great quick project to make for a gift for a friend.


cydney said...

I really like those. I should try making some. Thanks for the idea! Especially good for a teacher's bag or a handiwork bag.

amandajean said...

do you think i would be considered an experienced seamstress? LOL!

we made valentine's tonight. you should see my living room!

i miss you.

AMD said...

Book bags? What a good project for "I love to read" month.

Bonro said...

Cute bag! We made one down at the park with a front and back pocket that was quite easy. I also have a pattern for a potato chip bag purse--you can't make just one! I've already made 4 and helped my sister-in-law make one when we were ther last week.ssainem