Saturday, March 26, 2011

from fabric to quilt

A common question I get from people is "How long did it take you to make that quilt?" Normally I can just tell them when I started it and when I finished it, which is anywhere from one week to six years. So I kept a record of how long this one took and it turned out to be about 27.5 hours. The part that took the longest (around 17 hours) was the hand quilting around each picture twice-once on the picture itself, and another time on the bordering fabric. There are a total of 28 blocks, each measuring 12 by 16. It is long enough to sleep under and will likely be popular with my nephews when they come sleep over.


cydney said...

Thanks,Clair, for all of your quilting ideas, here and elsewhere. I am just beginning and can use a lot of advice. I am so excited. The quilt pictured here is the cutest! My favorite is mine, Sarah's and this one I think, though I have not seen them all. I am now sleeping under mine that you made me instead of having it hanging on the wall. I think the quilt I am doing now may take many times longer than you mentioned here and it is much smaller; a wall hanging for my classroom w/an appliqued apple on it.

AMD said...

Looks nice.
Less time than I would have guessed for a hand-quilted item.

Audrey said...

that is a very cute quilt, I like the idea and that it is fast and easy. Like the farm scenes. thanks for sharing. A Audrey