Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Secret Gift

I put A Secret Gift by Ted Gup on my reading list at the recommendation of a friend and former roommate. It took two months to get it from the library because there were so many people waiting for it. The story itself is inspiring-a man decided to place an ad in the paper at Christmastime in 1933 saying he would give money away to people from Canton, Ohio who were in need. The book was not as interesting to read as I had hoped. There were many details about the lives of people during the depression. I finished reading it but at times it felt more like homework-it took me over a week to read it. Anyone else have an opinion about the book?


AMD said...

I haven't read the book.

For the coming week, Paul Bunyan and a pile of nonfiction picture books are on my son's reading list, therefore they are on MY reading list.

cydney said...

That's disappointing, isn't it, when you are looking forward to a book... and then. I read the reviews about this book on "Amazon" and decided to skip it.