Monday, November 21, 2011

making things

Making things makes me happy. Here are a few things I have made lately. Above are two blank books I sewed together. I LOVE making books cause you can choose the size and color to fit anything.

I made the pillowcase last evening and it might be a Christmas present. Pillowcases are easy and this kind only takes a yard of fabric and less than an hour if all goes well. Not a bad investment for a handmade gift.

The card is small (less than three inches by three inches) but will make a nice gift tag or little note for someone. I like projects that can be done in just one sitting, but I probably won't give up making quilts, cause they make great gifts for big occasions. What do you like to make?


cydney said...

One year some friends and I made 150 tamales to give for Christmas gifts. All working together made it go fast and it was great fun. This year I made 15 nine-patch potholders for gifts. I love to receive handmade gifts, so like to give them too.

AMD said...

Yes, handmade gifts are great. At this phase of my life (with small kids) I tend to start too late to make as many as I want to.

MelissaS said...

I also like to make pillowcases (I have a whole bag of fabric in my closet waiting to be made into pillowcases .....supposed to be Christmas gifts 2 years ago). I also like to crochet the tops of kitchen towels so they can be hung up. Several years ago I made a set of towels for gifts...tried to match each month with a seasonal towel. Quite a big project for me.