Saturday, July 28, 2012

Camp Clair 2012

Camp Clair was held at my house for the fifth time this year.  I invite my school age nieces and nephews to come spend the night for three or four days.  I make camp t-shirts.  This year I had six campers, which kept me busy.  Highlights of this year's camp were touring an old house, going to the county fair, ice cream, running through the sprinkler, visits from friends/relatives, girls' and boys' cabins, riding bike, and looking at a bunch of vintage cars at a car show.  No one gets enough sleep but everyone has lots of fun.  I am still wondering how parents with six or more children get anything done besides the basics.


cydney said...

I think this is just a wonderful idea for the kids, their parents and you! I have told so many people about this you can't imagine, bravo Clair!

Anonymous said...

We prayed that you'd get enough sleep... it was the thought that counts, right?

Anyway, you're making memories.

By the way, I'm a parent of only two and I feel as though I rarely get anything done but "the basics."

Melissa said...

Making memories they will cherish ;)

Di~ said...

It is awesome that you do this! I bet Amanda Jean got a lot of quilting done? :)