Friday, November 16, 2012

Almost Amish

Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth is not your average book about living a simple life.  Sleeth takes some principles she feels that the Amish culture adheres to and shows how she has used them to make her life more fulfilling. With chapters on homes, technology, finances, nature, simplicity, service, security, community, families, and faith, this book covers nearly every aspect of life.  There are some recipes at the back of the book, including 5 or 6 for different soups.  In her chapter about nature, she suggested we spend more time outdoors.  The chapter on simplicity talked about not just having less stuff, but freeing up our calendars.  There were a few other things that stuck out to me...she encouraged even extended families to live near one another and be involved in each others lives.  One subtitle in the chapter on faith was "make peace wherever you go".  A quick read, this book would be an excellent source of discussion with a book club or even a family. 


1stteacher said...

Why does it strike me as almost funny that you're posting about such a book?
Perhaps more to the point: why is simplicity considered countercultural?

Jenny Z said...

This sounds very interesting! Thanks for the posting!