Friday, July 26, 2013

nine patch

This nine patch quilt is what I finished this week.  It is a generous lap size quilt that is for a friend.  I started it back in April, and finished the top the last week of school.
Sometimes my favorite part of quilting is getting the project done.  Now I have no quilts in progress, though plenty of ideas.  I will have to start another one soon if I want to get one more done before summer is over.


Ingrid Figueras said...

Beautiful quilt!! I always want to start a big quilt like this! Great job!

1stteacher said...

I like the patchwork border a lot.

cydney said...

Nice,Clair! The border really finishes it off. I think the nine-patch is one of my very favorites.

Audrey said...

Clair, that is really a beautiful quilt. I love it. Nice colors and like the green border. Now I want to make a 9 patch. I'm making a jelly roll lap through. It's fun too. Love it.