Saturday, September 21, 2013

free things

It is always nice to learn about free things, and here are a few worth sharing with others.
  1. the website Duolingo-I read about this website on Susan Meissner's blog last spring.  Duolingo is devoted to helping people learn another language.  When you sign up, you can choose a language (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, or English) you want to learn.  It starts very basic and you have to achieve a certain competency to move on in the practice.  I am using it to refresh (and hopefully improve) my Spanish skills.  When I finish all the levels, maybe it will be to time to work on learning some French. 
  2. Smithsonian Museum Day Live- I heard about this from my sister several years ago and have yet to take advantage of it, maybe because it is during the first month of school.  Next Saturday, September 28, you can get free admission for two to a variety of different museums around the country.  If you visit the website(click on the link above) you can type in your zip code or select a state to find out which museums are participating, choose a museum, and then get your free tickets.
  3. Imagination Library-This is a program available to children under the age of five who live in a variety of places around the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada.  Dolly Parton started the program in 1996 and it has expanded now to four countries.  It provides free books on a monthly basis for children until they reach the age of five.  If you go to the website, you can see if the program is available in your area. 
What are some of your favorite free things?     


Anonymous said...

Adam, who is very into Legos, likes Brickmania Toyworks' open houses:

My most recent free thing was apples from Dad's tree. I think I made about 30 lbs of apples into apple butter, sauce and jelly. We still have some for baking.

cydney said...

I think we all appreciate free things. Lately my free things are prizes from playing trivia on our classical radio station. I have now,(sorry to brag)won six times! The prizes are usually tickets to symphonies or other related events. The last one was to a wonderful Mozart/Haydn concert. But of course my favorite free things are peace, friendship, love, health, a beautiful hiking trail---ok I could go on and on.