Monday, October 7, 2013

lots of quilts and a question

made for others
quilts that live at my house
I did a quilt trunk show last Thursday night at my quilt club.  For those of you who aren't familiar with trunk shows, it is an opportunity for a quilter to share her work with others.  I collected some of the quilts that I gave away, then added those to my own collection so I had a total of 25 quilts to show.  (No, there are not 25 quilts in the two pictures shown since some already have gone back home.)  It made me glad that I label my quilts because it helped me know what order they were completed.  A person would think you could remember when something was made, but over the course of 13 years and about fifty quilts, my memory was a bit fuzzy.  It was fun to share some of the stories of the quilts with other quilters.  My favorite of the ones that I collected was the baby quilt I made for my younger niece(shown below).

baby quilt
After looking at all sorts of quilts (my own creations as well as others), I have come to the conclusion that the pattern isn't nearly as important as the fabrics put into a quilt.  So the questions I have for you is-if someone was making you a quilt, what kind of fabrics or colors would you want in a quilt?


Lynn said...

If someone was making me a quilt I would want any kind of fabric or color, after all they are making me a quilt! Okay so I may be even more thrilled if the colors were aquas or reds or greens, maybe pinks too. I like white background, no beiges or darks.

Anonymous said...

I like the one you made me in blues and greens - pretty colors and pretty fabric.

cydney said...

I made a rag quilt for my daughter that was aquas, tans and browns--it was VERY hard not to keep it!

Melissa S said...

They all turn out nice. I wouldn't be picky. I love the purple one you made me ---someday I might use it, but I'm pulling a Grandma and storing it right now