Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Here are a few things I saw today...   Roosters looking for food.

Lines of cars...

and more lines of cars, vans and buses.  I was in Cobán for a few days, and today I headed back to the capital.  The trip to Cobán  took under three hours on Sunday.  Today, because some protesters were blocking the highway, we sat in one place for more than seven hours.  Plenty of time to write a letter to my dad, doze, review my Spanish notes, write some e-mails, practice being patient, and wonder what time I would actually end up back in the city.  Good thing that I didn't have an appointment or a tight schedule.  

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Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of travel in another country.
Reminds me a bit of Mongolia, though we probably waited the longest for the minibus to fill with passengers - and fill I do mean. Packed in like sardines, we were.