Thursday, January 15, 2015

to market, to market

My first months here in Guatemala I spent living with first one family, then a different family.  In December I  found a place to live where I have my own bathroom and get to do my own cooking.  So several days a week, I go to one of the local markets (there are plenty to choose from) to buy fruit and vegetables.  There are a multitude of women selling produce. It is a treat for me to have access to such fresh produce at this time of the year.  The vegetables are reasonably priced, too.  The picture above is what I bought one day for ten quetzales (less than one dollar and fifty cents worth)-two pounds of tomatoes, a red pepper, a half dozen carrots, a bunch of cilantro and a pound of onions.  The availability of fresh fruit and vegetables is definitely one of the great things about Guatemala.

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