Thursday, May 14, 2015

ordinary things

It is getting close to the end of my time here, and one of my friends recommended that I take pictures of the ordinary later I will be glad I did.  These pictures should give you a better idea of what Guanajuato is like.
 A view of the city after I leave my house in the morning.
A street I walk each day to get to the center of the city.
Another view of the city near my language school.
A callejon with many steps which I walk up and down to get to where I am living.  When I return to Minnesoa, any hill is going to seem like nothing compared to where I have been walking for the past three months. 

1 comment:

1stteacher said...

That's a good idea, to take pictures of the every day things.

Nice to see some more glimpses of the city.