Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10 things I like

About two months ago I got a letter from my aunt and she asked me what I liked. I thought about it a long long that she ended up sending me a birthday present before I answered. But here is a long thought out answer. IF you know me, at least some of these things should not be a surprise.
  1. books
  2. paper
  3. snail mail
  4. postage stamps
  5. decorative boxes
  6. music
  7. lists
  8. bath and body stuff
  9. food
  10. names

What things do you like?


amandajean said...

I like quilts + quilting, bedtime, reading, coloring, quiet time, blogging, hanging out with Kevin and the kids, thrift shopping and decorating.

amd said...

I like travel, discussing ideas, long walks, books, stationery, state parks, ethnic restaurants, all-natural yarn, thrift shopping, and gourmet dark chocolate.

Oh, yes, and we like downtown.

Melissa said...

Lists - ahh that runs on the Wolters side :) I need to start making more of them, I forget things so easily these days.

I like: the beach, quiet time, reading, going for walks, shopping, wine tasting, crocheting, food (trying different types), photography, painting ceramics at our ceramicafe.