Friday, September 26, 2008

French by Heart

French by Heart by Rebecca S. Ramsey was not a book on my to read list, but when I stumbled across it at the library, I figured it looked good enough to read. I wasn't disappointed, as there were parts of it that made me laugh, and I think Rebecca did a good job depicting her life in France. She and her husband Todd moved to France because of her husband's job with Michelin with two school age children and her almost one year old son. They are from South Carolina, and spent four years living in a not well known city in France. Her neighbor Madame Mallet is a character that shows up in many chapters as Rebecca tries to navigate life in France. She finds some new interests-Joan of Arc, Lourdes, and statues of the Virgin Mary. Anyone that has lived overseas might like reading about the adventures and challenges the Ramsey's faced, but you might also enjoy this book if you have been to France or studied French in high school or college.
While I was reading, it made me think that maybe I would like to live overseas for a while. Or at least visit France even though I know no French.

And for Amanda, yes, I did like the book. In fact, it might be one of the choices that I bring for book club when it is my turn to bring books. I think that Ramsey is working on a book that tells how life for their family was when they returned to the States.

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I always love seeing blog book reviews! As a voracious reader, I'm always eager to find a new book to read. I'd never heard of this one before and must see if our little library can get it.

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amandajean said...

is this a non-fiction book?

and thanks for already answering my other question. you made me giggle. it was nice talking and laughing on the phone with you. said...

Speaking of stories -- I posted one on my blog. Well, part of one anyway. I wrote it and decided to share. I'd love your feedback!