Monday, September 8, 2008

Same Kind of Different As Me

This book got on my reading list because my friend Cyd recommended it. We both read a lot, though I read a lot more fiction than she does. This book,
Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, tells the story of a unique friendship. Ron Hall and Denver Moore live in Fort Worth, Texas, but in very different circumstances. When they cross paths, both of their lives change in ways that they never could have predicted. Not a fairy tale by any means, but a book that will make you think and wonder what kind of impact your life is making on others.


Danielle said...

Last comment, I think:-) I've really enjoyed reading all your book reviews. I love to read but find it so hard to fit it into my day. I homeschool my kiddos and I read ALL DAY LONG and by the evening I'm worn out a bit!! I easily read 3 hours a day. I actually read a few books just for me this summer and really enjoyed it. I've added some of the books you've mentioned to my library list and will check them out!!

amandajean said...

did you like it?