Saturday, November 8, 2008

books, books, books

My sisters and I talk often about books(see their blogs here and here). Children's books, novels, quilt books, name it, it has probably been brought up. So has the topic of writing books. I have written one-it was a project for one of my classes in my senior year of college. My nephews love it because it is about when I was little and growing up on the farm. I think if I was going to write a book it would be a picture book or a book on how to spend less money though a novel wouldn't be out of the question. If you were writing a book, what would it be about?


Sharla said...

Yeah, books are a huge part of my life too. I've always dreamed about writing a book. Someday I want to write books for children and I'd like to write a novel too. I think I would like to write a suspense type novel. said...


I love them.


amandajean said...

I'd love to write a quilting book. go figure. :)

AMD said...

I used to say that I could be a ghostwriter for people who have a story to tell but need help telling it. Then someone suggested that my ambitions were too low. That's probably true so I'm working on readjusting.

I'd like to write something that has cross-cultural elements. And perhaps a board book about food origins.

Hannah said...

I would probably write a travel book or one on a culture. I grew up overseas and have seen enough "dumb" mistakes from people who weren't prepared for the culture they were entering.

Chickens...hmmm...I did write a story about chickens once for Japanese class. It had something to do with a little chicken refusing to eat his food and an older chicken showing him why he should.