Monday, March 16, 2009


I realize that it is not officially spring yet according to the calendar, but it is definitely spring by the weather here. The snow has been melting like crazy and there is so much water on some sidewalks that I could use some galoshes now instead of my snowboots. Spring is probably enjoyed more by people in northern climates because the change from winter to spring is so drastic, don't you think?


amandajean said...

i definitely agree! i did some painting out in the garage today, which was great. and the kids played out in the driveway. it was perfect.

it was nice to see you on saturday.

AMD said...

This is much like what I'd been thinking recently: spring is more glorious when one has been through a long winter.

By the way, how fitting is it that we get a bit of snow on the first day of spring?

Janel said...

I have to disagree. I have never been so eager to welcome Spring as I have while living in Texas. I always loved Spring, but nothing compares to how much I enjoy it living in a Southern state!