Tuesday, April 28, 2009

three books

Lately, I have probably finished more children's books than books for adults, and here are three that I don't get tired of reading.
Dirt on My Shirt is by Jeff Foxworthy and it is a collection of poems that I think most school age children would enjoy. I read the entire book to several of my groups of students and they seemed to enjoy them. I enjoyed reading them, too, and I think that the neatly done color illustrations make this a book I will use each year for poetry month.

The Rain Came Down by David Shannon is another great book. Yesterday I read it with three different groups of students and many of them said when we finished that they like the story. It does a good job at showing cause and effect, and the pictures really add to the story. At the beginning of the story it begins to rain, which makes the chicken squawk. In turn they cause the cat to yowl, the dog to bark, and soon it is affecting people and the whole town turns into a traffic jam.

The Blue Hill Meadows by Cynthia Rylant is a good for reading aloud to students that are getting introduced to chapter books. There are four chapters, one for each season of the year. It starts in summer, and it tells about Sullivan and Eva Meadows and their boys Willie and Ray. The characters are likable and it is a story that makes me wish everyone had such a good family.


AMD said...

Adam got dirt on his shirt today. He takes every opportunity (that we let him) to stick his fingers in the mud.

amandajean said...

i haven't read any one of these. i'm interested in the blue hill meadow one, though, because reading the boxcar children books aloud makes me crazy.