Monday, November 1, 2010

a little Sunday boredom...

A little Sunday boredom can lead to unexpected results...namely that I went trick-or-treating this year. Yes, me, even though I do not like Halloween AT ALL.

I don't buy candy to pass out to children, and it being Sunday, there was nowhere in town to go in the evening besides the grocery store or a fast food place. So after I got up from my afternoon nap, I walked to the grocery store to get some molasses and made gingersnaps. Then I put on my walking shoes, and took off on an evening walk with baggies of four to six cookies each. I stopped at a half dozen friends' homes and rang the doorbell. Most were surprised to see me, then even more surprised I was there to give them homemade cookies. It was a great way to avoid having to answer the doorbell and I got in an hour walk.

And just in case you like to sew, my sister is hosting a giveaway on her blog.


amandajean said...

that. is. awesome. thanks for the good chuckle. :) i like your reverse trick or treating idea!

cydney said...

What a wonderful idea, Clair. Wish I lived near you and you could have come to my house and I would have sat and and had tea w/you and the gingersnaps!
We went to a "Maize Maze"--in a corn field!
I heard a child say they got a new toothbrush and paste in their bag. Funny!

AMD said...

that's an idea worth copying