Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Letter Writing Week

January 9 through 15 is National Letter Writing Week. I realize many of those of you who read this blog do write letters and even send them in the mail because I am the recipient of some of those letters. If you don't write letters often, I would encourage you to do so this week. I'm not sure how I became enamored with letter writing, but it probably helped that people I wrote letters to responded by sending letters of their own or postcards (my aunts and uncle). Some of my friends, my sisters and I still write letters. Some of the letters I recieved in college are worth saving-my grandmas, dad, and younger brothers and sister wrote letters that brightened my day. Some of the more memorable ones included sketches or song lyrics written on the envelopes.


AMD said...

A colleague once told me her first college roommate wrote two to three letters a day. The only explanation this colleague could come up with for such "odd" behavior: her father was a mailman.

Tina said...

I'm a letter writing junkie and was thrilled to find out about National Letter Writing Week by visiting www.thingsunsaidproject.wordpress.com. It's an interesting site that's keeping letter writing alive in an intriguing way.

cydney said...

I will have to check out that site. As you know I love to write letters and get them too...some of my favorite books are in letter form, or actual letters written by or to the author such as Letters to Children and the other "letter" books by C.S. Lewis. Thank you for all of your letters, Clair, over these many years.