Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Guyku by Bob Raczka and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds is my new favorite picture book. The subtitle for the book is a A Year of Haiku for Boys, but I enjoyed the book immensely even though I am a grown up. Raczka writes haiku poems describing different outdoor activitites many children enjoy. He starts with spring and goes through each season using words to create images that made me smile. Reynolds also has great illustrations to go with the haiku. I read it to some of my students and they enjoyed it because of the words and pictures. It is a book I may have to go out and buy for myself. There is also a website that goes along with the book at

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cydney said...

Guyku, what a clever title! You're the resource, Clair, if I ever need ideas for books for children on various subjects. Thanks!