Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Matters

Poetry Matters by Ralph Fletcher is a book I read for a class I took last summer. I picked it up at the library again because it is National Poetry Month. It is written for older elementary or middle school students. Fletcher gives some tips and suggestions that help students become better writers of poetry. This book was written for students, but I think teachers and writers might enjoy it as well. Reading this book made me want to write a poem or two about some of my favorite things. Have you ever written a poem by choice?

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cydney said...

Yes, I love to write and read poetry.Rilke is my current favorite. Here is one I wrote as a 17 year old that was full of melancholy!
I would have made
your skies blue
and your tress green,
but they only gave me
black and white crayons.
A teacher at school this week gave all the 2nd gr. students a tiny little poem (he said it was poem-in my-pocket day), and they did keep them in their pockets and pulled them out to read all day. Too cute!