Friday, May 13, 2011

a dozen quilts

Above is a picture of my current quilt collection.
1. my bull's eye quilt
2. soft and snuggly
3. sunflower quilt
4. quilt of hearts
5. red, white and blue
6. my first quilt
7. fall looking quilt
8. red, white and blue quilt from my sister
9. farm quilt
10. tumbling towers
11. blue and yellow sampler quilt
12. the quilt my grandma gave me

Clicking on any of the highlighted names of the quilts will show you a bigger picture of the quilt.

Ten of the twelve I made. I actually use all of them in the winter when one of my sisters comes over to spend the night with her family. Many are used as play things when my nieces and nephews come over for Camp Clair.

My favorites are soft and snuggly, quilt of hearts, and the red, white and blue quilt I made. I do like them all, except the fall looking quilt. It is probably going on the giveaway pile once I complete my next quilt. Which are your favorites?


AMD said...

"All of them," as Adam says.

The tumbling towers is one of the nicest ones.

(Praying you'll get that 13th one yet ;))

MBS said...

Soft & snuggly is my favorite.....but on this cooler evening they all look pretty cozy.

amandajean said...

i think soft and snuggly might be my favorite, too. it's nice to have a quilt collection, isn't it?

cydney said...

Oh Clair, I have to confess a little bit of envy. I am just beginning so seeing these now---and the one you made me-- makes me appreciate them even more and now know how much work they take. Did you ask me to take a picture of the one you made me (and Sarah) and send it to you? I am just now remembering, if so!