Monday, April 1, 2013

books by Stuart J. Murphy

If you are a parent, teacher, or tutor of children between the ages of three and ten and haven't read any books by Stuart J. Murphy, I suggest you look for some of his books the next time you are at the library.  He has over sixty story books with math concepts embedded in them.  At the end of each book there are suggestions on how to extend talking about the math concept from the book.  My students enjoyed reading the books and I could see them as a great introduction or reinforcement of math lessons.  At his books' website ( it tells the concepts covered in each book as well as some additional activities to help children understand and learn math concepts.  I like the book Treasure Map.  Some of my students really liked Less Than Zero.  


Anonymous said...

These sound like they're worth finding at the library. Perhaps we'll check some of them out once we get through reading the first 100 words.

Carol said...

I recently found your blog through your sister and was so excited to find children's book recommendations. I read to my grandchildren's classes about once a month and am always looking for good books. I went to the local public library this afternoon armed with a list from your blog and came home with 12 books and several others placed on hold that should come in soon. Think I am good for the next 2 reading sessions. I'm thrilled to find your blog. I like that you sometimes give the recommended age level. I read to kinder and 2nd graders. I'll be following you regularly now!