Monday, October 13, 2014

a new doll

Last week one of the activities at school was a visit to a place where a small group of people make dolls.  The dolls are made of recycled materials and their clothing reflect typical Mayan dress.  (Mayans are the indigenous people of Guatemala and parts of Mexico.)  It was interesting to see people at work making the dolls, as well as the large variety of dolls.  I see many women dressed in typical Mayan clothing, and the colors and designs reflect what town or village the women are from.  This doll is dressed in clothing representative of the designs the people from Quetzaltenango wear.


Lowell Peterson said...

Thank you for the picture & interesting note about the making of dolls. Always enjoy hearing about what you are doing.
We remember you Weds. nights at prayer meeting. Miss you.
love, Carol

cydney said...

I agree with Carol, it is interesting hearing about what you are doing. Maybe we can even live a bit vicariously through you :) That doll is just darling.