Saturday, October 4, 2014

language school

I finished my sixth week of language school.  Most of the time I feel like I am learning a lot.  The picture to the right shows where I spend my mornings.  Classes are one on one, so I get to learn at my pace.  The focus of my lessons has been on grammar (especially all the different forms of verbs) and conversation.  Class is Monday through Friday, and I am at school for five hours.  There is a break mid-morning.  There are daily assignments, usually a combination of reading, writing, and grammar practice.  I enjoy the homework
Some afternoons and Saturday mornings there are activities.  The first week I got to know the city a bit and visited another town nearby.  Other activities have been hikes in the mountains or a visit to a tourist site.  One Saturday I went to some hot springs.  This week I went biking in the mountains. My favorite activities have been the opportunities to get out of the city to enjoy nature.
While studying, I am staying with a local family.  I have a place to stay and all my meals are provided.  I do not have to think about grocery shopping, cooking, or washing dishes, though I am beginning to miss all three.
If you ever visit Central America for an extended period of time, I would suggest beginning your stay with a couple of weeks at a language school.  It will give you an opportunity to learn more Spanish, get adjusted to a new place, and interact with local people.


cydney said...

What will you do next Clair; where will you go if you don't stay there? Or do you know yet? Isn't learning another language interesting, though hard!? I am trying to learn "all" classroom Spanish (vocabulary mostly), as I taught lots of Spanish classes in NM, and sub a lot in Arvin here where the population is mostly Latino.

Anonymous said...

Beginning to miss shopping, cooking and washing dishes? I think I'd miss cooking the most.

If you were here you'd be approaching MEA weekend now. Ours has already filled with plans - a trip to the farm and a birthday party among them.

Audrey said...

Very interesting, I read your blog.
If you need anything, suppplies, candy, food, whatever, let me know and i will send it to the proper address.
Aunt Audrey with love.

Jan R. said...

When you come back you can do my dishes! :) I love reading your posts and hear about all your activities. What an adventure you are on! I bet you are learning far more than you realize. :)

Audrey said...

Have not heard from you. Hope you ate doing well... Again, if you need anything let me know and give me an address and I will happily send it. Aunt audrey!

Shannon said...

I read several of your entries, Clair. Fascinating trip. Was this an opportunity you found through your school? Have you studies Spanish prior to your trip?