Friday, February 27, 2015


I arrived in Mexico safely, and am beginning to explore my new place.  The above picture was taken from my bedroom window.  Although both Guatemala and Mexico are Spanish speaking countries, there is a different feel here.  The people here talk faster...I am going to have to get used to it.  This city, Guanajauto, also has more tourists, many more old buildings, and the university is quite large. 
The streets are not straight, there are lots of hills, but there is  green space-trees and plazas with plants.  I will get to eat lots of Mexican food and learn more about the culture here.  For at least the first month, I will be staying with a family that has two daughters (17 and 20), so I should also get lots of practice speaking Spanish, as well. 


Mireya López Escobar said...

Que alegre que estés ya en México! me gusta la idea de que vivas con una familia :) Como ves, el español es un poco diferente por eso necesitabas esta experiencia, espero todo te salga bien.

Anonymous said...

There was just a mention of Guanajauto in the book I'm reading (Maniac Magee).

I too like the idea that you're living with a family.

Hope you find some structured meaningful activity that affords lots of language practice.

Janr said...

Looks like a very colorful place! Hope you have lots of fun experiences there.