Friday, April 3, 2015


This week I have been doing some sightseeing because my school is closed.  On Monday I went to Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel.  It felt like I was out of the city and I enjoyed walking around in the gardens.   None of the gardens were very big, but they each had a different theme.  There were old buildings, old walls, and lots of rock, but not a lot of people, which was a nice change from the center of Guanajuato.
Tuesday I went to the Don Quixote Museum.  Wednesday I walked to two parks I have never been to and the Fuentas Ranas of Guanajuato.  The word Guanajuato means place of frogs, though I have not seen any live ones yet.  My guess is at the founding of the city there was probably more water here and plenty of frogs.  I also went to the Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato.  It is an art museum, with one part dedicated to miniatures.  One of the temporary exhibits there was called Imagine.  It was interesting because the artists took a bunch of weapons and used them to make musical instruments.
The last couple of days I have been sticking close to home.  Guanajuato is a tourist attraction for Mexicans and foreigners alike, and with it being Semana Santa, it is full.  On Thursday, the people walk from church to church.  Today (from a distance) I saw part of a reenactment of Jesus' walk to Golgotha.

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1stteacher said...

Looks so green compared to here, though we know it won't be long now...

Missed you on Easter.