Thursday, January 25, 2007

End of the Spear

This is the latest book I read. It is the first book that some friends and coworkers are reading for the book club that I am starting. Last February I saw the movie. The book has a different feel than the movie. It starts out in the 1990's and goes back and forth from about ten years ago to the time when Saint was a boy. The book focuses a lot more on the more recent past than the movie ever did, and I would say the book and the movie are not extremely similar. If you have already watched the movie, I think that you might still enjoy the book. If you read the book first, you will understand the movie much better.


amandajean said...

so did you like it?

Clair said...

Yes, I liked it. It was not what I expected and it was kind of long (over 300 pages).

John said...

How have you been? I have been too pooped to blog lately. Besides the Bible, my reading has been mostly in trade magazines along the lines of "Lawn and Landscape" and "Landscape Management." Oh what an exciting life I lead! :)