Thursday, January 11, 2007

a resolution

well, I am not always good at sticking with something, but I figured that a resolution is better than not trying. Last year I read 68 books. So this year, in addition to reading library books, I am trying to read through the Bible. If I can find time to read that many books, I can hopefully read through the Bible. I started thinking about it because the leadership at my church decided to purchase a bunch of one year Bibles and encourage the congregation to get one and read through the Bible. I didn't get a one year Bible cause I figure I don't need another one...I have a I just started in Genesis and am reading some each day. And the things that they did back then are not much different than today. Abraham tried to create a family by sleeping with his wife's servant. Jacob tricked his father to get a blessing (with the help of his mother). Jacob was then tricked by Laban because Laban wanted Leah to be married because she was the older daughter. Then all the trouble with Jacob's children is almost too much to figure out. Doesn't sound much diffferent than all the stuff that happens today. Yet God chose to use these people to be remembered in His Word. I guess I can hope that somehow reading it is going to help me it understand God better.


Monte & Jenny said...

You should do the Beth Moore study "Patriarchs". It's an awesome study on the beginning of the bible.

amandajean said...

sounds like a good resolution....we have several copies of the one year Bible here if you would like to borrow one. I may join you in this resolution.

Linda said...

I never really thought about it in that light, but you are right. The folks in the OT are just fallen humans like the rest of us, yet God chose them to be part of His master plan. It gives us hope that maybe we can be used as well. Good luck with reading through. That is a large, yet very wothwhile undertaking. :)

amd said...

Dear Clair,
How are you doing with your goal? It's a good one, so let me encourage you to stick with it.
I've been reading through the Bible every year since 1998, and my challenge is to make it meaningful. I have to make sure my mind isn't wandering and that I'm really focusing on the words in front of me rather than simply ticking off that I've read my 3 to 5 chapters each morning.