Monday, March 31, 2008

weekend, in six parts

Part 1-Nacho Libre
I went to Alexandria to pick up a few things and then went to visit my friend Jenny. Her son was excited to show me many of his library books about cars. After the kids went to bed we watched the movie Nacho Libre. The movie is a bit quirky, but if you like the Napoleon Dynamite movie, you might like this one.Part 2-Lots of Hearts
On Saturday, I sewed 120 hearts onto the blocks that I am making for my next quilt. I sewed 70 red hearts on white six and a half inch unfinished squares. Then I sewed 50 more smaller pink hearts on top of the red hearts, too. I did the last 20 on Sunday night, so now I have 70 blocks to put together to make the top.
Part 3-Beauty Shop
My friend and coworker called on Saturday night and invited me to visit. So I drove up to see her. I had the priviledge of getting my hair done by a three and half year old and seeing part of her favorite movie, Annie.
Part 4-How to Not Be Found at Church
I decided to sit on the opposite side in church on Sunday-I also happened to have a dress on and my hair put up in a clip. Anyway, on Sunday night I was talking to my friend on the phone. She asked me where I was on Sunday morning. I told her I was there, and she didn't believe me. I proceeded to tell her who I sat by and more details from the service. I realized that you can actually hide in church if you change just a few things-location being the primary factor.
Part 5-Birthday Party
We had chocolate cake and chocolate chip ice cream at the farm on Sunday afternoon for Wayne's birthday. After we were done eating Mark asked that we play Scrabble. He is only six, but he stuck with the whole game, despite the long time it takes for us to play a game.
Part 6-Sobieski
I went to visit my grandma on the way home. She thinks that the quilt (click here to see some pictures) Amanda made for her is beautiful.


AMD said...

Sounds like a fun, full weekend.

Funny how we nearly all tend to gravitate to a certain spot in church--and expect others to do the same.

amandajean said...

I liked this post a lot. very creative! impressive that mark stuck with the entire scrabble game, too. I personally know just how long those can be!!! :)

Jenny said...

Hi Clair!

Glad you made it over for Nacho! Caleb got new car books if you want to come over and look at some more. I'll send you a list of new library favorites once we get through them all!