Tuesday, June 3, 2008

rain, rhubarb, and rice

It is the first week of my summer vacation and it is supposed to rain off and on at least through Friday. It is not all bad, since we haven't gotten a ton of rain this spring. But I can't go on a long bike ride without wondering if I will get wet. I just got a new bike yesterday-it's blue and the first brand new bike I have ever owned.
I was at dad's yesterday and got a bunch of rhubarb. I am going to make rhubarb jam using a recipe that came from home-don't know the origin. It is my kind of recipe (only four ingredients and short instructions).
Rhubarb Jam
5 cups cut up rhubarb
1/2 cup water
2 cups sugar
1 3-ounce strawberry jello
Cook rhubarb, sugar and water til rhubarb is done. Add jello and stir well.
I am going to make a double batch of this later today.
I found a fun website (compliments of Susan Meissner's blog) that lets you test your word knowledge and donate rice to the UN World Food Program at the same time. You can find it at www.freerice.com.


AMD said...

I've got rhubarb jam on my list of things to do this week as well.

amandajean said...

I bet my kids would love rhubarb jam. I'll have to make some this week along with homemade bread, as well.

I don't have the stainless steel bowl and a melmac plate to store it in, though. bummer. it just won't be the same. :)