Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer A User's Guide

Summer, A User's Guide by Suzanne Brown is a fun book to look at. If you love summer, you will enjoy this book. There are great photographs, recipes, and instructions for a variety of things. It is seperated into different sections including
  • the summer house and garden
  • the great outdoors
  • games, indoors and out
  • the summer table
  • for kids
  • how to fix or cure just about anything
One recipe that I want to try is for dulce de leche-an ice cream topping. If you want to know more about the author, click here to see her blog. There is also a website that is about her book here.
Looking through this book makes me wish that I could spend the summer at the ocean or at a lake cabin with a bunch of friends.

Coming soon-my 100th post and a giveaway.



The dulce de leche is absolutely yummy, but don't rule out the chocolate covered bananas or the watermelon granita when it's a sweltering 102 degrees outside (which it currently is in New York!)

Thanks for the nice post...

Happy Summering!
Suzanne Brown

amandajean said...

wow! a comment from the author! how cool. did your library have this book? it looks like a good one.

AMD said...

I like the title. What sort of user's guide would you like to write? How about a library user's guide? I wrote a mini one of those (though that wasn't the title) for one of my writing gigs, but at 300 words, it didn't cover it all.

Will you make the dulce de leche for your summer LP party? Please?