Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July

I like the Fourth of July. It is great to celebrate the birth of our country. I like the American flag and fireworks. I like the Fourth of July because it is my birthday. It is also my sister's birthday. She was born when I was two. Other people that were born on July 4 include twins Ann Landers and Abby VanBuren (the columnists) and President Calvin Coolidge. There are also two other people that live in town that share my birthday-Harley and Connor. Do you know anyone else that was on July 4?


amandajean said...

happy birthday, clair. I like sharing a birthday with you. :)

Em said...

Happy Birthday! It's my wedding anniversary - we decided it would be great to have fireworks for free each year on our anniversary!

HobbyMommy said...

Habby belated birthday! I hope it was a lovely day for you! Thanks again for the journal you sent me for your give-away! You're too kind!

AMD said...

how about
Neil Simon
Lewis B. Mayer
Eva Saint Marie
George Steinbrenner
Stephen Foster

Happy birthday, Clair!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Clair sorry it took so long to see your blog and say happy Bday. What are you up to? Did you go traveling? mls