Friday, August 1, 2008

Oliver Jeffers

It is always fun for me to discover new authors of children's books. I discovered Oliver Jeffers at Cherry Street Books in Alexandria. He wrote a book called The Incredible Book Eating Boy. Of course, any book about books piques my interest, and this one was not a disappointment. The story is about Henry, a boy who loves books. He loves books because he loves to eat them. He eats them voraciously until he gets sick. A fun story that my nephews and I enjoyed, so I looked for the other two books that were mentioned on the book jacket. These two books are both about the same boy (he is never given a name) and the stories are simple, but I believe that they would appeal to both preschoolers and younger elementary students. How to Catch a Star is about a boy who wants a star who wants a friend. He finally gets a star, though not in the way he expected.
Lost and Found is about the boy finding a penguin. When he finds the penguin, the boy decides he needs to help it get where it belongs. As the boy does this, he realizes something unexpected and ends up with a new friend.

Has anyone else seen any of these books?

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