Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck takes place in Beaufort, South Carolina. Caroline is the main character who has stayed in Beaufort after high school doing various things. Now she has the opportunity to move to Barcelona, Spain. But she inherits the Frogmore Cafe, has the attention of JD Rand, a sheriff deputy, plus her old friend Mitch O'Neal comes back to town. Sometimes decisions aren't easy, and all these things make it hard to figure out what to do.
This book I read in a day (I am on summer vacation) and enjoyed. It wasn't the best book I read, and at the end I wondered if the author would write a sequel because in some ways the story doesn't seem finished.


amandajean said...

of course you read it in a day. :)

Melissa said...

A book I read this summer that you might enjoy "Year of the Goat" by Margaret Hathaway. It's about a couple who gives up their successful and busy New York lifestyle to travel the US and learn about goats and farming to see if it's something they want to pursue. I liked reading about the little towns they visited and the people the meet along the way.