Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Shack

The Shack by William Young is the book my book club chose to read for our August meeting. The book is worth reading, though it isn't easy to read. I would recommend reading it slowly since there is so much content in it. It sort of felt like reading a sermon, though all Young's ideas about God are probably not accurate. My initial reaction when I finished is that I liked the book, but now I am not sure. Anyone else read it?


Steve Arends said...

I am curious why you liked it and now you are unsure?

I have read it and love the book for what it is - a fiction book written by a man, and was not intended as strict Christian theology. I personally feel the book is best reflected upon through the correct (correct according to the book) lens that Mack's Shack experience was given to him while in a coma after his accident. This is easier than if Young meant us to believe the Trinity really came to the Shack for a weekend. I don't mean to take away the truths communicated, but I don't really expect God the Father to ever comminicate to me as a black woman. But then, that would be His choice - who am I to argue if He did? He chose a burning bush for Moses - had this story not been in the bible I wouldn't have thought a burning bush to be a likely vehicle for God's communication. I love The Shack as it has forced me to ask some hard questions regarding how much I really trust God. It also has humbled me to want to know God more deeply. Thx, Steve

amandajean said...

nope, I haven't read it. there is a pitiful amount of reading going on here these days.

SUEB0B said...

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