Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas books

Here are a couple Christmas books for children that you might enjoy.
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry is a book I found out about from my friend Linda. I got it from the library and was not disappointed. This is a book written in rhyme about Mr. Willowby's tree. It is too big, and he has to cut off the top. The top is given to Miss Adelaide, and she has the same problem. It is fun for children to try and guess how many times this will go on.
Mortimer's Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson is another great book to read to your children at Christmas. My friend Emili is a preschool teacher and recommended it to me. Mortimer is a mouse that lives in a cold and creepy place. He finds a great bed in the manger in the Nativity set in his house. He thinks it is great, but then learns who the manger really is for. There are great illustrations in this picture book. (Sorry, Amanda, the book depicts mice as nice creatures.)
Olive, the Other Reindeer by J. Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh is also a great Christmas book. I am not a fan of Santa Claus stories, but this is one I really enjoy. Olive the dog is out before Christmas and begins to think that she is actually a reindeer because of a song she hears on the radio. So she reports to the North Pole. No one tells Olive that she isn't really a reindeer and she gets to help Santa and the real reindeer on Christmas Eve. If you like this one, you should also look for the story about Olive at Valentine's Day.
Anyone have any other great Christmas stories to recommend?


____Maggie said...

Why is it I love Olive, the Other Reindeer, but cannot sit still for the special made for TV?

Thanks for the children's book ideas!

amandajean said...

why they would depict mice as NICE creatures is beyond me. I don't know if I've ever read the Olive the other Reindeer book before, but I think i really should. it sounds cute.

AMD said...

We've been reading "Jesus the Little New Baby," a picture book printed in 1951 that I picked up second hand.

For older children, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" is one of my favorites.