Tuesday, December 2, 2008

two alphabet books

I came across two alphabet books lately that might be fun for you to look at. The first, 26 Big Things Small Hands Can Do by Coleen Paratore, is a great alphabet book for preschoolers and beginning readers. The illustrations, by Mike Reed, are colorful and depict children doing the very things that small hands can do. This book's positive message encourages children to look out for others besides themselves.
The second book is Hooray for Minnesota Winters by Paul Lowrie and Bret Nicholaus. This book is written in rhyme and finds something about Minnesota winters that starts with each letter of the alphabet. On the bottom of each page are weather facts about Minnesota winters. This book is for adults as much as for children, as children would probably be uninterested in all those facts. If you grew up in Minnesota, it will make you smile at the positive and negative aspects of the winter here.


AMD said...

Maybe we need the second book around here to balance out the negative comments about winter, though I can understand why someone who didn't grow up with winter finds it harder to appreciate.

amandajean said...

I would love to read the minnesota winter book.

Missie said...

What about writing a book about "Bakersfield Winters"...heheheh

I'm waiting to read a book published by you.